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Effect of outdoor grown Agaricus (strain KA21) on mitigating adverse effects of chemotherapy, conference presentation

We made a conference presentation about the effect of King Agaricus at the 39th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Clinical Veterinary Medicine on November 17th, 2018.

Effect of outdoor grown Agaricus (strain KA21) on mitigating adverse effects of chemotherapy

Katsuya Tajima, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences.

Akitomo Motoi, Toei Shinyaku Co.,Ltd.

Rina Motoi, Toei Shinyaku Co.,Ltd.


We investigated the effect of outdoor grown Agaricus (strain KA21) on mitigating the adverse effects of 5-FU chemotherapy. Mice were given oral 5-FU for 5 consecutive days to create mouse models of 5-FU induced bone marrow suppression. Our indices of 5-FU induced AEs included leukopenia, diarrhea, weight loss, appetite loss, and kidney damage. We examined whether the ingestion of outdoor grown Agaricus KA21 (KAOD) or indoor grown Agaricus KA21 (KAID) reduced the incidence of these AEs. A reduction in AEs was observed in KAOD mice. No reduction in weight loss, diarrhea, or leukopenia was seen in KAID mice. Our results indicated that the conditions under which Agaricus is cultivated is a major factor in the mitigation of chemotherapy-induced AEs, and that KAOD demonstrates an effect in mitigating chemotherapy-induced AEs and can be useful in improving QOL.