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The Best Agaricus blazei Research & Marketing company from Japan to the World

We are specialized in the medicinal mushroom “King Agaricus” (agaricus blazei) and manufacture its final products based on the largest number of academic researches in the world.

We are looking for local distributors of our final products in Asia, Europe and North America. We can also accept your OEM orders!!

Our “King Agaricus100” won the prize  “Product of the Year – Botanicals” by Nutraingredients Asia Awards!!

Product of The Year – Botanical : 12:25

About King Agaricus 100 : 13:05

The Winner : 13:48


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King Agaricus was approved for FSSAI registration in India.


King Agaricus hair

“Cartoon” How BEROOT improves hair condition


King Agaricus Toei

New Academic Paper related “Anti-fungal Infection” in human trial.


King Agaricus

Health and Wellness Japan


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Inner Beauty Tokyo 2021


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Company Profile

Toei Shinyaku Co.,Ltd.

1-11-23  Shimorenjaku  Mitaka  Tokyo 181-0013  Japan

Tel: =+81-422-26-7310   Fax:+81-422-26-7230

E-mail: akitomo-motoi@www.agaricus.co.jp

Company name Toei Shinyaku Co.,Ltd.
Date established April 11, 1973
Capital 10,000,000yen
Representative director Akitomo Motoi, Nutrition Representative(NR), Supplement Advisor
Head office 1-11-23 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan 181-0013

Tel: +81-422-26-7310

Joint research institutions Laboratory for Immunopharmacology of Microbial Products,

Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science

Department of Immunology, Juntendo University School of Medicine

Department of Translational Medical Science Research,

Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

Research Center for Food Safety, The University of Tokyo

Line of Business 1.Manufacture, processing, import and sale of foods and cosmetics

2.Manufacture, processing and sale of quasi-drugs

3.Manufacture, processing and sale of hygiene products

4.All operations associated with above businesses

Major suppliers 1.JPS Pharmaceutical CO.,Ltd.

2.Toyama Sugaki CO.,Ltd.

Major customers (OEM) 1.KA Natural Foods Inc.

2.Sunprize CO.,Ltd.


Solo and Exclusive distributor

Vietnam: K&K Viet Nam Trading Co.,Ltd.(King Agaricus 100)

Singapore: Furlaun Pte Ltd (King Agaricus 100)

Hong Kong: Business Link (Hong Kong) Limited(King Agaricus 100 and King Agaricus 100 for Pet)

Kazakhstan: KUROSIMO INC.(BEROOT, King Agaricus 100)

Lithuania :Altavida JSC (King Agaricus 100 for Pets)

(As of April 2021)