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King Agaricus Movies

icon-youtube-play King Agaricus Farm Visiting.

icon-youtube-play King Agaricus Farm View From The Sky.

 icon-youtube-play King Agaricus100 For Pet.

 icon-youtube-play Hair Dolluce Product information.

 icon-youtube-play King Agaricus Customers Voice No.1 Stomach Cancer.

 icon-youtube-play King Agaricus Comparison with Normal Agaricus.

Compared with Normal Agaricus, artificially cultivated in greenhouses,
King Agaricus differs greatly in terms of both appearance and nutrients.

King Agaricus benefits greatly from the blessings of the Brazilian climate.
It grows very large, reaching the full potential size of Agaricus.

  How is King Agaricus growing and comparizon

Our King Agarcius is cultivated out door in Brazil.
We will show you how King Agaricus actually grows.

  Where does King Agaricus grow?

In this video, I will show you what kind of environment King Agaricus is cultivated outdoor.

King Agaricus is grown in a natural environment that is bathing in sun light in the nature.

  King Agaricus100 manufacturing process

King Agaricus 100 is made from 100% Dry King Agaricus at the GMP- licensed pharmaceutical factory.