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About Toei Shinyaku Co.,Ltd.

About Agaricus blazei

About Agaricus blazei

The difference of Cultivation Method

The difference of Production Area

Agaricus blazei murill, (brasiliensis, subrufescens) Benefits

About King Agaricus

How King Agaricus grows

King Agaricus farm visiting 2020

Where King Agaricus grows

King Agaircus farm view from SKY

Rich Minerals and Vitamins

King Agaricus Products

King Agaricus 100

King Agaricus 100 manufacturing process

King Agaricus 100 for Pets

The Best Immune Booster King Agaricus 100

The Best Hair Growth Supplement in Japan,BEROOT

Customers voice

King Agaricus 100, Customer’s Voice, Stomach Cancer

King Agariucus 100, Customer’s Voice, Breast Cancer

King Agaricus 100, Customer’s Voice, Stomach Cancer and Cancer Recurrence

Evidence of King Agaricus

Vitafoods Insights Virtual Expo Asia 2022 Presentation


How King Agaricus improves immunity

Reduce Side Effect of Anti-Cancer Drug

Wound repair, surgery and injury

Anti-Stress for Patients

Reduce Fatigue for Patients

Evidence of King Agaricus For Veterinary Doctors

How King Agaricus improves immunity

Anti-fungal infection, Malassezia and Dermatophytosis

Wound repair for veterinary doctors, surgery and injury

King Agricus 100 for Pets

Anti-stress, lick granuloma (acral lick dermatitis)

Hair Growth, Improving fur condition

Conference Presentation

Beauty Effect, Quick Recovery After Surgery and Skin Damage Repair

Animation of King Agaricus 100 for Pets

Basic information

Walking the dog

Loss of Appetite

Fur loss

Lick Granuloma (acral lick dermatitis)