King Agaricus

About King Agaricus, KA21 strain

King Agaricus, KA21 strain, is cultivated outdoor under the sunshine in the wild nature in Brazil.

King Agaricus

Nature in Brazil

Cultivated outdoor, Akitomo Motoi the President Toei Shinyaku Co.,Ltd.

King Agaricus contains much more beta-glucan than the typical agaricus in the world. King Agaricus also contains Vitamin D, Calcium, and Copper 10-30 times more than the typical ones. Such big difference comes from the way of cultivation.

Other Agarcius
All other agaricus are cultivated in green house to avoid sun shine.

Other Agaricus

Cultivated in green house to avoid sun shine.

Thanks to such abundant nutritions, King Agaricus boosts your immune system, treats cancer, and prevents hepatitis and HIV.

We have researched King Agarcius, KA21 strain, for more than 20 years and confirmed many effects below.
icon-check-square Anti- cancer
icon-check-square Improve immunity
icon-check-square Reduce side effect of chemo
icon-check-square Protect Heart
icon-check-square Protect Liver
icon-check-square Reduce fatigue
icon-check-square Anti- stress

About the evidence, please see the “Evidence