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Immune Booster “King Agaricus 100”

These products are made from 100% King Agaricus, cultivated outdoor in Brazil.
These are used for the prevention of the following ailments by strengthening the immune system:

• Cancer, cancer recurrence prevention, anti-cancer drug side-effect reduction
• Hepatitis

Materials: 100% natural outdoor grown Brazilian Agaricus = King Agaricus

1.5g×60 packs (30~60 days supply) = 90g,
1.5g×30 packages (15~30 days supply) = 45g

Dosing Method
Granule: One to Two packets, daily

Market Price in Japan, mainly sold on the internet:
60packs: 430~480USD/per box
30packs: 270USD/per box

Strong points:
These are highly profitable with high (87%) repeat user rate because these products are based on our long term research and many customers can feel the better health.

Customers in Japan, mainly sold on the internet
90%: Cancer sufferers, cancer recurrence prevention, anti-cancer drug side-effects prevention
10%: Hepatitis sufferers

(HIV/AIDS sufferers are very few in Japan)