Hair Growth Supplement “BEROOT”


We made “BEROOT” aiming to improve hair growth, hair restoration, and gray hair for both men and women through our patented anti-aging effects.

“BEROOT” is focused on hair regrowth for women by the marketing strategy, but it also works for men and you can sell as Men’s products if we change the label on this products.

*BEROOT is used to be sold as “Hair Dolluce”

Our hair-growth supplement “BEROOT” has been selected as finalist of NutraIngredients Awards Europe 2023!!


Strong Points:
This product is also highly profitable with high (89%) repeat user rate because these products are based on the hair growth patent and our long term research and many customers can feel the better health.

We use our company’s original “King Agaricus = agaricus cultivated naturally outdoors in Brazil,” for this patented hair restoration product, which is manufactured at a Japanese GMP licensed factory.

1 pill 320mg X 120 tablets (30 days worth) = 38.4g
Selling Price
120 USD per box

Principle ingredient
Agaricus cultivated naturally outdoors in Brazil 62.5%

• Hair growth, hair restoration, improvement of gray hair
• Strengthening of the immune system
Dosage instructions
4 tablets taken daily, all at once or divided between two doses
Expiration 2 years

Customers in Japan.
Women in their 30s and 40s.
This product can work both men and women, but we focus on women’s market and designed the bottle for women by marketing strategy.

Hair Regrowth

“Cartoon” How BEROOT improves hair Condition

King Agaricus hair

King Agaricus hair BEROOT